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Strategic Education, Inc. supports hospitals and health care systems that offer education benefits to support nurse recruitment, retention, and development.

Across the U.S., health care organizations are facing a near-perfect storm of staffing headwinds including a nationwide nurse shortage, burnout and a looming wave of retirements. A new normal has arrived, which means decision-makers at health care organizations need new ways to boost recruitment and retention, upskill their current nursing staff and develop the next generation of nurse leaders.

Education should be part of the solution

Turnover is expensive, inconvenient and stressful. But in the health care setting, it can have an even more significant dimension—the impact on patient care. This can mean longer wait times, fewer options to schedule appointments and decreased patient satisfaction. Education can be part of the solution to staffing issues by attracting good people, keeping them on the team and growing their abilities. An education partnership can help your organization take benefits to the next level by providing the following benefits:

  • Recruit and retain: Include education in the benefit mix to make an organization an attractive workplace—one where employees may be likely to stick around.
  • Upskill and reskill: A mission-critical goal to help build workplace skills, which have a direct connection to patient health outcomes.
  • Build career ladders: Education can be an integral part of creating career ladders that provide employee growth—and organizational stability.
  • Secure a leadership pipeline: There is a growing need for nursing and health care leaders, and often education can be required for leaders to move up within the organization.

Each health care organization has its own unique education needs. However, there are key priorities that many within this sector share:

  • A way for nurses to advance their education and earn a degree with minimal financial barriers. A flexible and scalable solution that gives nurses access to education that fits their busy lives, no matter where they work— particularly for large network providers with multiple locations.
  • A breadth of learning options to help nurses build up-to-the-moment skills.
  • For these priorities and more, Strategic Education offers innovative education solutions and support.

A new pricing solution delivers a win-win

When it comes to affordability, Strategic Education offers a new way to achieve a win-win for organizations and their nurses. Through the Tuition Assistance Aligned Pricing solution, costs for Capella University RN-to-BSN and MSN programs are matched to the tuition assistance amounts that your organization already provides.

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With health care organizations facing worker shortages, how can you compete for a shrinking talent pool? One powerful pathway: embrace education and leverage tuition assistance benefits.

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